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LAN to SASE: Why your network needs cloud power

The power and benefits of the cloud can now be used to adapt networks and security to today’s way of working and traffic patterns. Old truths must be challenged as new solutions greatly improve how we empower the user in a hybrid application delivery. Let us show you cases and experiences of how we have taken customers from LAN to SASE.

The Internet today is the carrier of a large majority of all different types of organizations’ applications and devices. This, combined with the fact that cloud-based and API-driven solutions now exist, creates completely new opportunities to build networks and security solutions that meet these traffic patterns.

This webinar challenges old truths and shows the benefits of a network that is adapted to today’s traffic patterns and empowered by cloud power.


  • Today’s way of working and traffic patterns – a rethink is needed
  • Technology trends – LAN, SD-WAN, and SASE
  • API-driven solutions – without automation, you’re only 4 percent aware
  • How AI can help you with your network – today and tomorrow
  • IT as a Service – pros, cons, and things to consider
  • Experts and automation vs First and Second Line support
  • Customer examples from the real world – from MPLS to cloud power


Fredrik Dahlgren, Director, Cloud, CCIE.
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Lars Cederholm, business developer, CCIE.
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