Recorded webinar:
Central management of your multi-cloud with Intersight, Kubernetes and Terraform

Are you looking for a secure network with a seamless experience, one interface, and one automation GUI, regardless of data center and cloud? Securely managing and automating your multi-cloud environment just became a lot easier with the updated Cisco Intersight solution. In a deep-dive, CCIE Joacim Wicander will show you the improved possibilities, particularly with Kubernetes containers and Terraform uniform Infrastructure-as-a-Code.

Central management of your multi-cloud

With Intersight, you can now get an interface for managing, for example, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform clusters with On-prem containers. As a result, you get a seamless experience across clouds and data centers – and with Terraform uniform Infrastructure-as-a-Code it is possible to automate and streamline your processes.


  • One interface across clouds and data centers
  • New Intersight features
  • New opportunities with Kubernetes and Intersight
  • Automation with Terraform Infrastructure-as-a-Code
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