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Secure SD-WAN as a Service

We are in the midst of the biggest change since industrialization; huge amounts of IT are currently moving to the cloud. And change happens quickly. Anyone who had wanted to move the security components to the cloud five years ago would hardly have been taken seriously. Today, this is a reality in which Conscia introduces Secure SD-WAN as a Service. A fully managed service based on the SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) concept.

Many related factors and processes compete for attention when migrating to the cloud or establishing a hybrid workforce model. Not everything gets its fair share. Deadlines must be met, and budgets are limited. Compromises are taken. So, we should not be surprised at all that 79% of companies have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the past 18 months (source).

And that’s just the security side of it. Distributed infrastructures and cloud-based applications also require flexibility, performance, high availability, and reliability. How to make it all work together? Can you make it work? Secure SD-WAN as a Service by Conscia provides the optimal answer to your digital transformation needs.

What is this Secure Access Service Edge concept?

Conscia’s Secure SD-WAN as a Service uses the foundations of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) concept. This SASE concept consists of a combination of network, security, and identity, illustrated below. Conscia enriches the concept with a broad spectrum of connectivity options resulting in a fully managed service by Conscia.

In other words: The Secure SD-WAN as a Service takes the SASE concept as a foundation and enriches it with underlay connectivity and offers it as a fully managed service.

The Conscia take on Secure SD-WAN as a Service

The starting point is always the individual company’s needs, not just right now, but also in the future. The needed network and security services are aligned with the company’s strategy for developing their business concerning:

  • Future infrastructure
  • Scalability
  • Hybrid work
  • Security needs and policies
  • Total cost of ownership

By considering these concerns, Conscia is able to design, implement and operate your Secure SD-WAN as a Service safely and scalable. This reduces complexity and creates stability for your company, thus enabling you to keep focused on your business.

Optimize performance by choosing your Internet Service Providers freely

The underlay connectivity, which is part of the Secure SD-Wan as a Service, provides a simplification in managing Internet Service providers across the globe. By choosing from a customer-specific menu of local, regional, or global underlay options, you can freely select the best connectivity option for you. As a company, you can thus avoid the infamous Telco supplier lock-in. With managed services from Conscia, you can keep your focus on business rather than technology and networking.

With the digital transformation, companies’ critical solutions and applications must be up and running all the time and with the best performance seen from the end users’ point of view. That is what companies get when choosing a Secure SD-WAN service.

Requirements for the hybrid workplace

In the “old world,” it was common for separate locations to have their own data centers based on agreements with local telcos. But as companies today work across borders, and not least with employees working according to the hybrid model, a solution with local data centers is typically too heavy to work with. And in the end also far more costly.

When employees are spread geographically, some in their homes and others in offices around the company’s locations, there is a need for a network that provides the same strong performance no matter where you work from. With Secure SD-WAN as a Service, the traffic flow is in the cloud, which means that there is easier access and higher speed for the employees.

High security and highly trained employees

Security is one of the most important parameters for any business. A breach of security can be fatal. Both with customers, financially, and concerning reputation. With Secure SD-WAN as a Service, you get a unified security policy that meets the company’s requirements. The solution is constantly updated to the best security level and is monitored 24/7.

Customer solutions are monitored automatically by Conscia’s Network Operating Centre. The majority of incidents are resolved automatically. But, of course, Conscia’s large pool of highly trained staff has constantly been supervising this process and is there for you if you need them. Our “time to engineer” has a track record of being the best in the market, and at Conscia, we strive for the highest level of certifications for the people that support the critical infrastructure we run for companies. As a result, we have the highest level of certifications for all our supported manufacturers.

Also, we offer our customers a single point of contact. So, you will always have the same dedicated Service Manager as a contact point when you have questions regarding your SASE solution or any other managed service solutions we provide.

Ready to meet your needs for business

The world is constantly evolving, and so are companies. Especially companies that operate across borders. Therefore, the needs also evolve. But with Secure SD-WAN as a Service, you have a flexible solution that can develop in step with the organization and a financially sound one.

You do not have to worry about investing in new technology and upgrading your network as a company. Conscia continuously invests in the latest technologies and automation to set new benchmarks in resolving incidents and service requests.

So, companies who choose Secure SD-WAN as a Service only need to take care of their core business. Conscia takes care of the network and infrastructure so you can grow your business and always have an infrastructure that meets your needs.

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