Web Security

Interactions on the web can result in identity theft and attacker’s access to highly sensitive information. Organisations should look into deploying multiple layers of security to control the risks inherent in its users’ actions on the web.

Web-based threats continue to compromise user systems

The internet can be a dangerous place. Threats disguise themselves as innocent-looking activities, making it difficult for users to adapt their behavior, and we can no longer distinguish between good and bad websites and build our defenses based on blacklists approaches.

This is because websites that users consider trustworthy are often compromised by attackers, who then compromise a visiting user’s system without their knowledge. The global PKI and certificate-based authentication are far from perfect and the ever-increasing encryption of web traffic makes traditional network defenses blind to most threats.

Web-based compromises typically result in an attacker gaining full control over a user’s environment. This can mean identity theft and possible lateral infection of other critical systems. These risks must be effectively mitigated to protect our most sensitive information.

Why choose Conscia Web Security Solutions?

By using our web security solutions, you gain the following benefits:

  • Broad and cost-effective protection: Using our rich catalog of network security services, we control risks to users at any location, using relatively simple and scalable solutions.
  • Low implementation risk: Based on our heritage of network engineering, our solutions integrate with a wide variety of existing network environments and requirements.
  • High security assurance: By designing protection as a system, we provide multi-layered, and hence high-assurance solutions with combined endpoint, network, and application controls.

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Solution Description

Protect your business with multi-layered web-security
Conscia approaches the problem of web security using a multi-layered solution of specialized network-based web security functions, endpoint security, and user awareness controls.

With network-based web security, we provide the following security solutions to protect real-time users’ interaction with internet resources:

  • Protocol control, verification, and normalization using NGFW and secure web proxy technology.
  • Access restrictons based on web site reputation and current state, based on threat intelligence, DNS filtering, reputation, and URL filtering databases.
  • Client exploitation prevention based on NGIPS and virtual patching technologies.
  • Malware protection through content control, using anti-malware scanning, heuristic, and cloud/on-premises sandbox execution technologies.
  • Trusted decryption of web traffic for the purposes of content inspection, either using NGFW tehnologies, or dedicated decryption systems.
  • Network data leakage prevention using content scanning.

Web security controls should be applied to both relatively static environments behind enterprise firewalls and mobile users, who often lack persistent protection of traditional network defenses at home. For that reason, Conscia offers a full suite of controls that protects users regardless of their location, device, and application.

Our cybersecurity solutions

Navigate through our cybersecurity solution framework below to read more about our solutions and services.

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