To limit business loss, modern cybersecurity approaches stress the need for timely detection of suspicious activity and incidents, which requires a broad and deep analysis of log data generated by our IT and OT components. However, most organizations struggle with this, due to the sheer volume of such data, and secondly, due to the lack of expertise to interpret it.

Security Information and Event Management systems provide a software platform for security data management, data correlation, data enrichment, and data presentation to help you solve these problems. Using these systems and a capable analysis/incident response team, you can reduce the time of incident detection from the typical average of more than 200 days, to hours or minutes, allowing you to act quickly, significantly limiting the impact of incidents to your business.

Solution Description

At Conscia, we have more than 15 years of experience on a wide variety of enterprise SIEM plaforms. We continuously operate SIEM platforms internally to support our managed SOC service, and with our customers in their internal environments. To support your deployment of a SIEM platform, we provide the following SIEM-related services:

  • SIEM evaluation: not all SIEM platforms are created equal, and their pricing models may differ heavily in different customer environments; Conscia can help you choose a SIEM solution that will best fit your analysis requirements and investment limitations.
  • SIEM platform deployment: Conscia provides design, implementation, and testing services to deploy SIEM platforms in customer environments.
  • SIEM data source integration: broad integration of various event sources in your organization is at the core of SIEM effectiveness; Conscia will integrate your SIEM platform with both mainstream (supported out-of-the-box), as well as custom sources, which require specific event parsing rules.
  • SIEM threat intelligence integration: to enrich the raw data of event sources and provide more context to received data, typically through correlation with external databases (such as reputation, hash, asset, or vulnerability assessment databases), we deploy these integrations to automate tedious analyst tasks and free up analyst resources for deeper incident investigatons.
  • SIEM SOAR integration: for advanced customers that have already deployed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) tools, we provide integration of platforms to further advance the efficiency of human security operations.
  • SIEM correlation rule and false-positive tuning: the Achilles heel of most real-world SIEM implementations is the inability of their users to achieve a steady, high-quality output of actionable information; this is mainly due to false-positives and false-negatives in the target environment, which require the judgement of SIEM experts to manage properly.
  • SIEM report creation: Often, SIEM systems provide their best results in the identification of long-term trends. Our SIEM experts help create SIEM reports to identify anomalies and trends that day-to-day operations cannot.
  • SIEM platform operations: for customers without the ability to operationally support their SIEM platform, Consica offers managed SIEM services from platform health management, to managed tuning.
  • Managed detection and response: to fully exploit the potential of your SIEM, Consica provides managed SOC services where the Conscia SOC provides full or partial management of your SIEM system, as well as real-time monitoring, triage, incident response, and other advanced security services.

Conscia integrates SIEM solutions from multiple leading vendors, such as LogPoint and IBM. The Conscia SOC managed service supports many additional SIEM systems, if you decide to enrich your SIEM layer with managed detection and response.


Why choose Conscia SIEM Solutions?

SIEM solutions from Conscia will bring you the following benefits:

  • Low risk of implementation, as we have more than 15 years of experience on a wide variety of enterprise SIEM plaforms.
  • Flexible operational models, as you can run an in-house platorm, or oursource your SIEM management, and your analysis and incident reponse functions, to our managed services.
  • Cost-effective deployment due to multiple technology options, as well as the possibility to combine in-house and managed services to lower your personnel cost.

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